Artist / VIP List
RADEK KAIMBorn in 1973. Study architecture at the Cracow Technical University (1992-94). Graduate of National Academy of Drama in Cracow (1998). Acting DEBUT at the Teatr Stary in Cracow. From 1999 at the Teatr Wspolczesny in Wroclaw. Now Teatr Dramatyczny in WARSAW.
For his role in "MR. VIRGIN" received Best Actor DEBUT Award at the PFF, Gdynia 2003.

2003MISS OF THE WET SHORT (Miss mokrego podkoszulka) by Witold Adamek
2003THROUG THICK AND THIN by Maciej Dejczer
2002MR. VIRGIN (Jak to sie robi z dziewczynami) by Pawel Angerman
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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