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Born 29th of January 1956 – director, scriptwriter, director of photography, writer, academic teacher, member of Polish and European Film Academy. He studied at the Film School in Lodz (1981-1985) at the Cinematography Department. Author of short films, among others: 1982 - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAVE IN THE WORLD (Award for best photography at International Sports Film Festival in Budapest 1983).
In his professional career he made over twenty documentary films, sixteen feature films and wrote eight novels. Numerous of times his films have been awarded at festivals in Cannes, VENICE, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and Montreal.

He has also published a collection of short stories.

2016FOREST, 4AM (Las, 4 rano)
2014THE HEART AND THE SWEETHEART (Serce, serduszko)
2012TO KILL A BEAVER (Zabic bobra) - 2012 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Best Actor Award for Erik Lubos
2010VENICE (Wenecja) - Best Artistic Contribution Award at the 2010 Montreal World Film Festival; 2010 Camerimage Festival - Golden Frog Award
2006JASMINUM - Best Art Director Award for Joanna Doroszkiewicz at the 2006 Gdynia Polish Film Festival
2005SOLIDARITY, SOLIDARITY (Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc)
2003PORNOGRAPHY (Pornografia)
2000AWAY FROM THE WINDOW (Daleko od okna) - Award for best Cinematography, best Costume Design, best Production Design, best Supporting Actor for Krzysztof Pieczynski at the PFF in Gdynia 2000
1998HISTORY OF THE MOVIES IN POPIELAWY (Historia kina w Popielawach)
Grand Prix at PFF in Gdynia 1998
Silver Witez at the International Slavic and Orthodox Film Festival in Moscow 1999
Grand Prix at the Film Festival Alte Adria Cinema in Trieste 1999
Polish Film Award for the best film in 1998
1995PLAYING FROM THE PLATE (Grajacy z talerza)
Award for the best screenplay at PFF in Gdynia 1995
Award of the Jury at IFF in Tokyo 1995
1995THE SABER FROM THE COMMANDER (Szabla od komendanta)
1994MIRACULOUS PLACE (Cudowne miejsce)
Award for best directing and dialogues at PFF in Gdynia 1994
1993JOHNNY, THE AQUARIUS (Jancio Wodnik)
Journalist Award and Special Price of the Jury at Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 1993,
Grand Prix at International Slavic and Orthodox Film Festival in Moscow 1995
1990POTATO’S FUNERAL (Pogrzeb kartofla)
The 19th Annual
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October 17-25, 2018
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