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Lech Majewski - Born in 1953, Katowice. A graduate of the Film School in Lodz. A poet, painter, writer, screenwriter, film, theater and opera director and producer. He has staged the world premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki's "Ubu King" at the Lodz theater , the opera "Black Rider" in Heilbronn, and "Carmen" in Warsaw. Producer of numerous films, i.e.  "Basquiat."
Member of the Directors Guild of America and the European Film Academy.
Awarded at numerous international festivals. Lecturer at the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory in Rotterdam.

2019VALLEY OF THE GODS (Dolina Bogow)
2014FIELD OF DOGS (Psie pole)
2011THE MILL AND THE CROSS (Mlyn i krzyz) - 2012 Polish Eagle (Orly) Award - Best Art Direction for Marcel Slawinski & Katarzyna Sobanska, Best Costumes for Dorota Roqueplo
2007GLASS LIPS (Szklane usta)
2004The Garden of Earthly Delights (Ogrod rozkoszy ziemskich)
1997The Roe's Room (Pokoj Saren)
1993The Gospel According To Harry (Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego)
1987Flight of the Spruce Goose (Lot Swierkowej Gesi)
1986Prisoner of Rio (Wiezien Rio)
1980The Knight (Rycerz)
1978Annunciation (Zwiastowanie)
The 20th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 18-24, 2019
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