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Polish stage, television and film actor who graduated from the Wroclaw Faculty of Ludwik Solski Academy for Dramatic Arts in Cracow. He made his FIRST professional stage appearance while still a student at the Teatr Polski in Wroclaw in the play “Asylum” directed by Krystian Lupa. His FIRST big screen appearance was in DAY OF THE WACKO. His selected filmography includes: SLAUGHTERHOUSE NO.; IMMENSITY OF JUSTICE; WHO NEVER LIVED; LEJDIS and TESTOSTERONE; THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS; LOVE AND DANCE; THE ART OF MASSAGE; HANS KLOSS–MORE THAN DEATH AT STAKE;  HOW TO GET RID OF CELLULITIS: THE MALE-FEMALE WA; ABSOLUTE BEGINNER; THE DAY OF THE SIEGE: SEPTEMBER ELEVEN 1683; THE GIRL FROM THE WARDROBE; LOVE; STRONG COFFEE ISN’T THAT BAD; 11 MINUTES and most recently–JULIUS, a comedy directed by Aleksander Pietrzak. He scored numerous awards for his film and stage performances. He is a keen photographer and painter and he also loves playing with Lego bits and bricks.

The 20th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 16-24, 2019
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