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Grzegorz Linkowski – Director, cinematographer and producer of documentary films; Director of Cultural Academic Center UMCS in Lublin (“Zak’s Cottage”); Founder and Director of the International Documentary Film Festival (“Europe’s Crossroads”); animator for many artistic and multicultural works, such as “ Meeting with the Orthodox”, “Jews from Lublin”, “Lost and Acquired Identities”, and “The Soul of the Borderland”; co-author of well known debates on social and religious issues (“Exceeding the limits“); author of several dozen television programs dealing with theater and culture.

Grzegorz Linkowski has been honored at film festivals both in Poland as well as overseas.  Among other awards, he received the Finalist Certificate Award at the New York festival in 2004. He also holds a prestigious Polish Cultural Foundation award for artistic work on the theme of tolerance.

2013TO FORGIVE ALL EVIL (Wybaczyc Wszelkie zlo)
2012THE CUSTODIAN OF GARDEN (Straznik poranka)
2009INCONVENIENT (Niewygodny)
2006A WALK With The Diary (Spacer z dziennikiem)
A Ballad About HOME (Ballada o domu)
2005THE PARISH PRIEST OF MAJDANEK (Proboszcz Majdanka) Second Prize at The International Festival of Catholic Films in Niepokalanow
2004Briefcases (Teczki)
2003The March of The Living (Marsz zywych)
2002Holy Children (Swieta dzieci)
2001The Polish Prisoner of Syjon (Polski wiezien Syjonu)
2000July Comes Before August (Przed sierpniem byl lipiec)
1999-2000Cat's Alphabet (Alfabet kota)
1998A Very Pleasant Town (Bardzo przyjemne Miasto)
1998Hassidic New Year's Ballade (Ballada Chasydzka o Nowy Roku)
1997Das Wunder Von Podolien
1997Written In David's Star
1996BROTHERS of The Same God (Bracia tego samego boga)
1994The Chapel of TWO WORLDS (Kaplica dwoch swiatow)
1993The Jews from Kazimierz (Zydzi kazimirscy)
1993Grabarka Holy Mountain (Swieta Gora GArbarka)
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