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SYLWESTER CHECINSKIFilm and TV director. Born in Susiec, near Tomaszow Lubelski, in 1930. He is a graduate of the Lodz Film School (1956). His directorial film DEBUT was Story of the Golden Boot in 1961. He was a deputy director at ILUZJON Film Studio from 1976 to 1980, and a deputy artistic director of KADR Film Studio. He directed Our Folks, and its sequels (Take It Easy and Big Deal), which gained the status of a cult movie in Poland. He received the Honorary Jancio Wodnik Award at the Prowincjonalia 2005 Polish Film Festival in Wrzesnia.

2006Same the Uhlans (Przybyli ulani) 1991
1982The Big Shark (Wielki Szu) - The Minister of Culture and Art Award 1983, The Zlota Kaczka Award in 1983
1980Because I Went Crazy for Her (Bo oszalalem dla niej)
1978Roman and Magda
1977Big Deal (Kochaj albo rzuc) - The Grand Jury Prize at the PFF in Gdansk, The Golden Camera Award in 1978
1974Take It Easy (Nie ma mocnych) - Audience Award at the PFF in Gdansk; The Jantar Award and the Audience Award at the "Youth and Cinema" Koszalin Film 'Festival; The Golden Grape Award at the Lagow Film Festival; The Minister of Culture and Art Award in 1975; The Golden Camera Award in 1978
1973The Road (Droga) - Audience Award at the PFF in Gdansk in a TV film category; The Medal of National Commission of National EDUCATION in 1975
1971Diamond of the Rajah (Diament radzy) FIRST Love (Pierwsza milosc)
1970The Legend (Legenda)
1969Only the Dead Can Answer (Tylko umarly odpowie)
1967Our Folks (Sami swoi) - The Minister of Culture and Art Award 1969; The Golden Camera Prize, awarded by "Film" weekly
1965Catastrophe (Katastrofa) 1964
1961Story of the Golden Boot (Historia zoltej cizemki)
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