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Director, writer, composer.  Born in 1968 in Warsaw, Poland. Lived in Switzerland from 1978 to 1992, then went back to Poland to study at the Film School in Lodz. Former student of Krzysztof Kieslowski. Pantomime and acting school in Switzerland, English studies in Australia. Worked also as producer, cameraman, film and sound editor, film music composer for short films. Former guitar and bass player in several rock music formations. 2005-09 member of the Swiss film commission “Zurcher Filmstiftung”.

2017ANIMALS (Zwierzeta)
2011COURAGE (Wymyk) - 2011 Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best FIRST or second feature for Greg Zglinski, Best supporting role for GABRIEL. Muskala, Best screenplay for Janusz Marganski and Greg Zglinski; 2011 Warsaw Film Festival - SIGNIS Prize for best film and Special Jury Prize for Robert Wieckiewicz
2004ONE LONG WINTER WITHOUT FIRE - 2006 Swiss candidate for the "Oscar" for Best Foreign Language Film; 2005 Swiss Film Prize for best Swiss feature film; 2005 Prize of the county South Tyrol and Prize of the city of Bozen for the best film in competition at the International Film Festival in Bozen (Bolzano)/Italy; 2005 Bronze Grape Award" at the 35th Lubuskie Film SUMMER in Lagow, Poland; 2005 Alternative Critics Award" at 57.Festival in Locarno,Switzerland; 2005 Peoples Choice Award" at the Festival Int. du film francophone in Namur,Belgium; 2004 CinemAvvenire Award for best FIRST feature and Grand Prix SIGNIS at the 61' International Film Festival in Venise, Italy
2001ON HIS RESEMBLANCE (II Prize (FIPA d'argent) at FIPA in Biarritz/France, 2002; Quality Award of the Swiss Departament of Culture, 2002)1995 BEFORE DUSK (Quality Award of the Swiss Departament of Culture, 1997)
1994TO OVERCOME A MOUNTAIN ("Peoples Choice Award" at the 7th Calcutta Film Festival on Mountains, 1996)
1992SPUTNIK (II Prize at the Luzern Film Festival in Luzern/Switzerland, 1993)
1989CONFUSION ( Grand Prix and I Prize in its category at Grand Prix Objectiv'89 in Baden/Switzerland)
1987RUMMEL (Grand Prix and I Prize in its category at Grand Prix Objectiv'87 in Baden/Switzerland)
1987OUTTIME ( I Prize in its category at Grand Prix Objectiv'87 in Baden/Switzerland)
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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