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BERNARD HILLERBernard Hiller is the premier acting teacher for over 25 years. He
studied with the great acting teachers in New York including Sanford
Meisner and Lee Strasberg (Actors Studio, "The Method"). He developed
his own techniques and exercises and moved to Los Angeles where he now
trains Hollywood professionals using his unique methods for achieving
artistic success.

Bernard has started the careers of many well known television and film
actors around the world including Cameron Diaz. His acting and success
techniques have been featured on Television shows, magazines and
newspapers from all over the world. He coaches actors on movie sets
and often gives his much sought after "International Master Classes" in
London, Paris, Athens, Berlin, Rome and Barcelona. He has been a guest
lecturer at many film festivals around the world and on the Jury of the
Italian Film Festival and Mallorca Film Festival, in Spain.
He was the featured "Acting Coach" for the NBC television series "The
Starlet" with Faye Dunaway and was also seen as the "Acting Mentor" on
the hit British Television show "California Dreaming" for Channel 4.
Bernard started his career performing in Broadway musicals and is also
an accomplished actor with many appearances in films and television. He
has worked with George Clooney, Julie Andrews, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen
Mirren, Kate Hudson and coached Jennifer Garner, Billy Crystal, Jeff
Goldblum, and Richard Dreyfuss to mention only a few.
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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