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Born in 1973. Screenwriter, director, composer, and film producer. Graduated from the Music Academy in Gdansk (1998). Studied screenwriting at the Film School in Lodz (2000-2002). Currently head of HARPOON FILMS Studio cooperating with OPERON EDUCATION House and "Institute of Promoting EDUCATION" Foundation. Owner of Bialy Smok Productions. Inventor and producer of "Decalogue 89+" a short feature films cycle.

2009YOKO ONO'S CUPS (Flizanki Yoko Ono) - (The Decalogue 89+ (Dekalog 89+)
2008THE RUBY WEDDING (Rubinowe gody) – Laboratorium Award for Best Indie Film at 2009 Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
2006MUSIC LESSON (Lekcja muzyki) - Silver Medal at 2007 URTI Festival in Monte Carlo and Prix Italia 2007
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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