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ZBIGNIEW RYBCZYNSKIZbigniew Rybczynski  was born on January 27, 1949 in Lodz, Poland, but was raised in WARSAW, where he attended an art high school and was trained as a painter. Then he studied cinematography in the then world-famous Film Academy of Lodz.

After receiving an Oscar for TANGO as Best Animated Short in 1982, he and his family emigrated to the USA and NYC. He created many outstanding music videos, for artists such as Art of Noise, Mick Jagger, Pet Shop Boys, Chuck Mangione, Lou Reed and also for John Lennon's IMAGINE.

His work in film and video has earned him numerous awards including THREE MTV Music Video Awards, THREE American Video Awards, THREE Monitor Awards for Best Director, the 1986 Billboard Music Video Award for Most Innovative Video, the 1986 BPI Video of the Year Award, as well as grand prizes at the Festival at Annecy, France 1981, the Oberhausen Film Festival in both 1979 and 1981 and the Rio International Film Festival in 1987. For more than 30 music videos produced by Zbig, MTV awarded him the MTV Video Vanguard Award for his role as a "visionary in the field of music video." In 1990, Zbig won his FIRST Emmy award for special effects produced in his film, The Orchestra, a one-hour classical music HDTV program for PBS. It was the FIRST Emmy ever awarded to a High Definition production. Later that year, he was honored for all of his work in HD by the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for his outstanding work advancing the uses of HD technology. In Italy, he was awarded the Premio Internazionale Leonardo for his overall contribution to video, and in France, the Paris Cite for "outstanding achievement" in HD.

In 1992 he won Special Festival Prize at the International Electronic Cinema Festival Tokyo/Montreux and the Special Jury Award at the San Francisco International Festival 1993 for Kafka.

In the period of 1994-97 Rybczynski worked in  Berlin, Germany. He returned to  Los Angeles in 2001, where he now works as a Research Engineer in “Ultimatte Company”.

1992KAFKA - Golden Gate Award - San Francisco International Film Festival 1993; Grand Prix - International Electronic Cinema Festival, Tokyo-Montreux 1992
1990 THE ORCHESTRA - EMMY® - Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects 1990: Prix Italia - 1990 Grand Prix - International Electronic Cinema Festival, Tokyo-Montreux 1990 Grand Prix - A.V.A. Festival in Tokyo 1991 Hi Vision Award - Tokyo 1990
1987 STEPS - Best Video Program - Rio International Film Festival 1987; Best Director - Entertainment Specials, ITS Monitor Awards 1987
1987 KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME music video for Herb Alpert Video of the Year British Phonographic Institute 1988 Best Director - Music Videos, ITS Monitor Awards 1987
1986 IMAGINE - Silver Lion Award - Cannes Advertising Film Festival 1987 Special Festival Award - Rio International Film Festival 1987
1986 HELL IN PARADISE - music video for Yoko Ono Most Innovative Video – Billboard Music Video Awards 1986; Steps.
1985 SHE WENT POP music video for I AM Siam; Best Director – American Video Awards 1985; Best Set Design - American Video Awards 1985
1984 CLOSE TO THE EDIT - music video for Art of Noise; Best Experimental Video - MTV Awards 1985; Best Editing - MTV Awards 1985
1984 DIANA D - music video for Chuck Mangione; Best Director - Monitor Awards 1985; Best Editing - American Video Awards 1984
1980 TANGO – OSCAR for Best Animated Short Film, Academy Awards® 1983; Grand Prize and Prize of the Public - Annency, France 1981; Grand Prize and Fipresci Award - Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany 1981; Grand Prize and Prize of the Public - Hueska, Spain 1981; Jury Commendation for Experimental Technique and Prize of the Public - Ottawa, Canada 1982; Best Animation - Tampere, Finland 1982; Main Prize - Cracow Film Festival, Poland 1981
1979 MEIN FENSTER (My Window)- Third Prize - Oberhausen Film Festival 1979
1975 NOWA KSIAZKA (New Book)- Main Prize - Oberhausen Film Festival, West Germany 1976; Brazowy Lajkonik - Cracow, Poland 1976; Third Prize - Melbourne Film Festival, 1976; Mencion Especial - Hueska, Spain 1977
1974 ZUPA (Soup)- Golden Badge - Chicago Film Festival 1978; Main Prize - International Film Festival, Cracow, Poland 1975.
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