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Journalist and director of documentaries, associated with Polish Television since 1989. Created and co-directed many film cycles, such as THE TIME OF UPRISING (Czas Powstania), NOT EVERYONE ENJOYED PEACE (Nie dla wszystkich nastal pokój), THANKS FOR SOLIDARITY (Dziekujemy za Solidarnosc). She directed documentaries, i.a. ...WHILE IT ALL STARTED IN THE EASTERN BORDERLANDS (...A zaczelo sie wszystko na Kresach), RACHEL AT THE GDANSK RAILWAY STATION (Rachela na Dworcu Gdanskim), BEGINNING OF THE ROAD|THE WORKERS’ DEFENCE COMMITTEE (Poczatek drogi | KOR), ON PARIS COBBLES (Na paryskim bruku), ANDRZEJ MULARCZYK’S FEELINGS EXCHANGE BUREAU (Andrzeja Mularczyka kantor wymiany uczuc). In addition to her professional work, she presides over the "Jewish Motifs" Association, which each year organizes the International Film Festival of Jewish Motifs.

The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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