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Born in Stuttgart in 1959, Claudia was FIRST trained in jewelry making. Then she worked as a carpenter and in theatre. Claudia has been active in the film business since 2001. She finished the Kaskeline film school in Berlin with a short film, FINNEN FINDEN. She participated in several writing seminars including “The Hero's Journey” with Cunningham/Schlesinger. Then Claudia worked for the German distributor Neue Visionen (in the areas of PR, promotional campaigns and funding for distribution). She also translated and subtitled a number of famous as well as new films (NOAM CHOMSKY PORTRAIT, CAT ON THE HOT TIN ROOF, BONNIE AND CLYDE, TAXI DRIVER, THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY). In 2005/2006 she began research on the documentary KOMEDA—A SOUNDTRACK FOR A LIFE, which she wrote and directed. The project was produced by Benediktpictures/Germany and Kalejdoskop/Poland. Research was funded by Defa-Stiftung/Germany.

The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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