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Playwrighter. Born in 1958. He studied sculpturing. As a FIRST grade student he wrote a play "Next Flight to New York" (Najbliższy samolot do Nowego Jorku) and sold it to the Television Theatre. "Goodbye, My Love" (Żegnaj kochanie) and " "Darkness" (Ciemno) were aired in 1995, "The Cobweb" (Pajęczyna) in 1996. "Darkness" issued on video was named by magazine "Film" one of the ten most frequently watched films. In 1997 his play was staged in Kwadrat Theatre in WARSAW and is play till now. In 1999 Marek Rebacz created Niepoprawny Theatre and staged – without any donation and sponsors – "Executor" (Egzekutor), "DRY SUMMER IN DRY VALLEY" (Atrakcyjny pozna panią …) and "Maciej’s Courtyard" (Maciejowe podwórko). His most recent comedy "Land a Jumbo Jet, My Lovely" (Kochanie, posadź Jambo Jeta) will be stage in Kwadrat Theatre. He just completed for television comedy "Las Vegas" and play "Darkness 2".

2004DRY SUMMER IN DRY VALLEY (Atrakcyjny pozna panią)
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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