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MALGORZATA POTOCKA, graduate of the Warsaw Ballet School, a scholarship holder from the Broadway School of Dance and Parisian Revue; an outstanding dancer, choreographer and stage director–the creator of the SABAT ballet group, the creator of revue, concert and TV shows, enjoying unfading popularity and acclaim in Poland and abroad. 

In the 1970s she created the SABAT ballet group which was a revolution in stage dance. The group achieved immediate success and was continuously shown on TV. The SABAT also started on its international carrier and performed on many stages around the world: Vienna, Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, London, Bangkok, Rome and Stockholm, along with many other cities. Małgorzata Potocka and her group participated in concerts with celebrities such as: Ray Charles, Donna SUMMER, the Platters and the Village People. Since its creation, SABAT has represented Polish culture throughout the world. 

Małgorzata Potocka was named the Queen of Polish Revue Shows by the press and honoured by the President of the Republic of Poland with the Golden Cross of Merit for promoting Polish culture in Poland and abroad. Malgorzata Potocka has devoted her life to dance and today she is a legendary Polish dancer whom you will encounter when watching the original dances she creates. 


The 18th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 18-26, 2017
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