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Marcin Walewski was born in 1997 in Warsaw. In the years 1998-2002 he lived with his parents in Los Angeles. After their return to Poland he started appearing in TV commercials, among others for IKEA, Toyota and Credit Suisse. Between 2003-2007 he appeared as a guest star in Polish TV series “Klan,”  “Na dobre i na złe,” “Niania,”  “Kryminalni,” “Daleko od noszy,”  “Glina” and “Pensjonat pod Różą.” His feature DEBUT was a role in LITTLE FRIAR (Braciszek) in 2007. In 2009 he played the leading role in VENICE (Wenecja). At the 35th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia Marcin received an award for the best acting DEBUT for his roles in VENICE (Wenecja) by Jan Jakub Kolski and THREE MINUTES. 21:37 (Trzy minuty. 21:37) by Maciej Slesicki. Marcin is attending the Czeslaw Niemen High School in Warsaw.
Recipient of 2011 Piotr Lazarkiewicz Award at the Polish Film Festival Los Angeles.




2013SIBERIAN EXILE (Syberiada polska) by Janusz Zaorski
2012CLOSER TO THE MOON by Nae Caranfil
2012THE DAY OF THE SIEGE: SEPTEMBER ELEVEN 1683 (Bitwa pod Wiedniem) by Renzo Martinelli
2010VENICE (Wenecja) by Jan Jakub Kolski
2010THREE MINUTES. 21:37 (Trzy minuty. 21:37) by Maciej Slesicki
2007LITTLE FRIAR (Braciszek) by Andrzej Baranski
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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