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Born in 1948. A Łódź Film School graduate (directing faculty). Film director, screenwriter. Debuted in 1970 with TV films in a "Family Affairs" (Sytuacje rodzinne) series. Directed FIRST polish soap opera "As Long As Dusk" (Aby do świtu). Member of the X film Studio (1972-81). Programming director for Polish Television Channel I (1998-2003). He was awarded Golden Screen for screenplay and directing at the Polish Television Work Festival in Olsztyn ’80. Directed TV Series: over 150 episodes of The Zlotoposcy (1997-2004), 6 episodes of Fingerlicking (Palce lizać) (1999), 2 episodes of Lodgers (Lokatorzy) (2002).

2004QUEEN OF CLOUDS (Królowa chmór)
1996A Self-Porter with a Lover (Autoportret z kochanką)
1993The Order of feelings (Kolejność uczuć)
Grand Prix at PFF, Gdynia ’93;
Golden Duck for best film in 1993
1989March’s Almonds (Marcowe migdały)
1987A Train to Hollywood (Pociąg do Hollywood)
1985My Mother’s Lovers (Kochankowie mojej mamy)
Directing and screenplay award at PFF, Gdynia ’86)
DEBUT Award at PFF, Gdańsk '85
Golden Duck for Best Polish Film of 1985
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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