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Born in 1973. He is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow. In 1994 he received an award in the 22nd International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges, France. In 1994 he had his DEBUT at the International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn”. Since 1996 he has been cooperating with the Experimental Studio of the Polish National Radio in Warsaw. 

He is an author of soundtracks to over 20 films. He was THREE times nominated to the Orly Polish Film Award in the category of Best Music (2005 – MY NIKIFOR, 2006 – THE COLLECTOR, 2007 – PALIMPSEST).
Since 1995 he has been cooperating with the Polish Radio Theatre and since 2006 he has been a member of European Film Academy (EFA). Lives in Los Angeles.

2018A CAT WITH A DOG (Jak pies z kotem) by Janusz Kondratiuk
THE VOICES by Tomasz Cichon
TINDER TALE by Kevin Altmaier
2017SIN CIELO by Jianna Maarten
THE RECONCILIATION (Zgoda) by Maciej Sobieszczanski
REEVES ROAD by Alex Carl
2016THE ERLPRINCE (Krolewicz Olech) by Kuba Czekaj
BOGDAN'S JOURNEY by Michal Jaskulski, Lawrence Loewinger
THE HIGH FRONTIER (Na granicy) by Wojciech Kasperski
JUHANI'S MINIMANT by HAnna Vastinsalo
201411 by Janusz Madej
CALL HER LOTTE by Annekathrin Wentzel
2013SAROYANLAND by Lusin Dink
ACUTE DATE (Ostra randka) by Maciej Odolinski
DECEIVED (Oszukane) by Marcinh Solarz
2012SECRTES OF LOVE (Sekrety milosci) by Krystian Matysek
THE LORD OF THE CARPATHIANS (Nedzwiedz. Wladca gor) by Krystian Matysek
2010TWIST AND BLOOD by Kuba Czekaj
JOANNA by Feliks Falk
7 MINUTES (7 minut) by Maciej Odolinski
2009CASE UNKNOWN (Enen) by Feliks Falk
2007TEA by Hanna Slak
2006PALIMPSEST by Konrad Niewolski
2005THE COLLECTOR (Komornik) by Feliks Falk
2004MY NIKIFOR (Moj Nikifor) by Krzysztof Krauze
2003END OF VACATIONS (Koniec wakacji) by Marcin Krzysztalowicz
TOUCH ME (Dotknij mnie) by Anna Jadowska & Ewa Stankiewicz
2000IT’S US (To my) by Waldemar Szarek
ENDURO BOJZ by Piotr Starzak
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October 16-24, 2019
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