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Born in 1931 in Budapest. She lived in the Soviet Union from 1935 until 1946, where her FATHER, Laszlo Meszaros, a sculptor (later murdered by the Stalinist's regime), emigrated from Hungary. She graduated from the Moscow Film School in 1965. She has worked in documentary studio in Budapest and in Bucharest. She made almost thirty documentaries. In 1968 she debuted with her featured film "The Girl".

2004THE UNBURIED MAN (Niepochowany)
1999Little Vilma - The Last Diary (Mala Vilam)
1998DAUGHTERS OF LUCK (Córy szczescia)
1995The Seventh Room (Siódmy pokój)
1990Diary for My FATHER and Mother (Dziennik dla moich rodziców)
1987Diary for My Loves (Dziennik dla moich ukochanych)
1982Diary for My Children (Dziennik dla moich dzieci)
1978Just Like at HOME (Jak w domu)
1976Nine Months (Dziewiec miesiecy)
1975Adoption (Adopcja)
1968The Girl (Dziewczyna)
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