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Born 1947 in Poznan. Having finished law studies at The Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, (1970), he continued his EDUCATION at the Film School in Lodz (Film Directing, 1974). He wrote several novels including "Polar Bears Do Not Like Sunny Weather" which won the Wilhelm Mach Award for the best DEBUT (1972). He has also worked in theater and for television. He has won numerous awards at film festivals. Filip Bajon is the president of DOM film studio.

2010MAIDEN VOWS (Sluby panienskie)
2006THE FOUNDATION (Fundacja)
2005Solidarity, Solidarity (Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc)
2001THE SPRING TO COME (Przedwiośnie)
1996Poznań '56 (Special Prize at PFF Gdynia '96, award for the best director at IFF Moscow '97)
1993It's better to be rich and beautiful (Lepiej być piękną i bogatą)
1992Sauna (TV)
1990Pension Sonnenschein
1989The Ball at Koluszki Railway Station (Bal na dworcu w Koluszkach)
1986A White Visiting Card (Biala wizytówka)
1986The Magnate (Magnat) (Special Prize at PFF Gdansk '87)
1981Daimler-Benz Limousine (Limuzyna Daimler Benz)
1981A little Pendulum (Wahadelko) (Grand Prize, award for the best script at PFF) 1978
1977Aria for an Athlete (Aria dla atlety) - (awarded as the best début at PFF Gdansk '79, at IFF in San Reno '80)
1977The 1901 View (Wizja lokalna 1901) (Grand Prize at PFF Gdansk '80)
1977The Return (Powrot)
1976Videocassette (Videokaseta)
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