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Born in 1969. Actor, director. A graduate of the State College of Theatrical Arts in Cracow. The winner of the Zbigniew Cybulski Award. Between 1990 and 1999 acted in many Polish films such as Andrzej Baranski’s BY THE RIVER WHICH IS NOT THERE (Nad rzeka, ktorej nie ma), 1991, A BACHELOR’S LIFE IN EXILE (Kawalerskie zycie na obczyznie), 1992; and in Filip Zylber’s film FAREWELL TO MARIA (Pozegnanie z Maria), 1993. A screenwriter since 1997. In 1998 he set up MAAT Film Production Studio. His directorial debut was

2016CONSTRUCTOR (Konstruktor) by Piotr Dylewski
2011ENTANGLEMENT (Uwiklanie) by Jacek Bromski
2003SUCCESS (Sukces) by Marek Bukowski
The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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