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Vocal Group MONK is a rare musical band. Although they don't use instruments, often people say 'they play well'. They themselves describe the band as 'the present-day jazz-pop a'capella band'. 

MONK took part in won main prize in multiple festivals and contests all around Europe. They've had their performances in countries like: Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Great Britain and others. The most important musical event for the Vocal Group MONK was their performance during the Jazz Oscars Gala - annual event taking place in Lodz / Poland. They performed on the same stage together with the Puppini Sisters and Kenny Gareth - a prominent American saxophone virtuoso. 

Vocal Group MONK performs music from various parts of the world - starting from well known European ones like the Beatles or Sting - then going to Americas - to perform biggest hits sung originally by Michael Jackson, George Gershwin and others. In the repertoire of MONK - there are numerous songs originally sung by Polish artists.



The 19th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 17-25, 2018
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