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Anna Jadowska (b.1973) has recently graduated from The National Film, Television & Theatre School in Lodz, obtaining previously MA degree in Polish Philology at the University of Wroclaw. For a long time she worked as a reporter for the Polish Radio Wroclaw. One of her documentaries : “A couple in love” gained the Audience Award at the “Young Cinema Festival” in Turk. She regularly publishes her short stories in several literary magazines such as Rita Baum (“ Oh, wild night, oh, crazy night with Emily D.“, “The Method of Bread and Wine”, “Top story of this month”), BruLion (“Untitled”) and THE MASK (“Waiting for Ernest Hemingway”). In 2003, Anna Jadowska won The Best Graduate Screenplay Competition.

2003TOUCH ME (Dotknij mnie)
The 20th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 18-24, 2019
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