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Vladek Juszkiewicz

Winners and Guests of the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles 2019

Lech Majewski with the 'VALLEY OF THE GODS' Artists

Vladek Juszkiewicz and Andrzej Chyra

Joseph Runningfox with Lech Majewski

Joseph Runningfox

Vladek Juszkiewicz and Ivo Krankowski

PAUL Wesley with Vladek Juszkiewicz

Vladek Juszkiewicz with Michal Dymek

Milena Dutkowska (1st to the right)

Vladek Juszkiewicz with Allan Starski

Artur Marcol with the Hollywood Eagle Animation Award 2019

Michal Dymek (1st to the right)

Lukasz Bendkowski, Mrs. Globisz, Ewa Wierzbicki, Andrzej Chyra, Robert J. Wierzbicki

Lukasz Olszowka (1st to the right)

Festival Guests

Ewa and Robert J. Wierzbicki, Joseph Runningfox and Vladek Juszkiewicz

Festival Guests

Festival Guests

Festival Guests

Joseph Runningfox

Life Choir

Vladek Juszkiewicz and Joseph Runningfox

Vladek Juszkiewicz and Andrzej Chyra
The 20th Annual
Polish Film Festival
October 18-24, 2019
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