912 Days of the Warsaw Ghetto

912 dni Getta w Warszawie, 2001, 37 min.

912 Days of the Warsaw Ghetto (2001)


Realization Tomasz Pijanowski, Krzysztof Wesolowski, Adam Lipinski, Stanislaw Szczycinski, Bartosz Swierczynski, Marek Plucinski
Commissioned by Jewish Historical Institute
Produced by Studio Filmowe Tps


This film was created for the Jewish Historical Institute as part of its permanent exhibit on the fate of Warsaw’s Jews during the period 1939-1945. They present the daily life and death of those imprisoned in the ghetto, their hopes and efforts to survive, their armed resistance and struggle and, finally, their total extermination. Unique Polish and German archival materials were used in the preparation of this film.