A Documentary Film

Dokument, 2015, 7 min.

A Documentary Film (2015)

Transatlantyk Festival, Łódź
Best Short Film in Polish Short Film Category

Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Młodzi i Film”
Best Animation


Director   Marcin Podolec
Screenplay   Marcin Podolec
Animation   Marcin Podolec
Cinematography   Marcin Podolec
Music   Wiktoria Nowak
Producer   Marcin Malatynski

A personal film in which the director portrays everyday life of his father after all his children moved out of their family house in Jarosław. The father lives in the house that now seems much too big, surrounded by flowers, each with its own name. A swimming pool in the morning, then work, TV, coffee and headache pills. Afternoon calls to his children are the highlight of his monotonous life. A Documentary Film is a story about aging and the passing of time, which is part of a natural life cycle.