A Grain of Truth

Ziarno prawdy, 2015, 110 min.

A Grain of Truth (2015)


Director   Borys Lankosz
Screenplay   Borys Lankosz,
Zygmunt Miloszewski
Cinematography   Lukasz Bielan
Music   Abel Korzeniowski
Art Directors   Magdalena Dipont,
Robert Czesak
Producer   Anna Drozd


Prosecutor Teodor Szacki   Robert Wieckiewicz
Leon Wilczur   Jerzy Trela
Prosecutor Barbara Sobieraj   Magdalena Walach
Klara   Aleksandra Hamkalo
Grzegorz Budnik   Krzysztof Pieczynski
Rabbi Zygmunt   Zahar Strauss
Jerzy Szyller   Andrzej Zielinski
Jan Wiewiorski   Arkadiusz Jakubik
Frantic   Piotr Glowacki
Rojska   Maria Mamona

A big shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki divorces his wife and leaves Warsaw to start a new life in picturesque town in south-east Poland – Sandomierz. After a short while he is called in to investigate a strange and mysterious murder case. Alienated in provincial reality he struggles to find a killer, when he stumbles upon more victims. While the investigation continues he realizes that all murders are connected to alleged historical Jewish ritual killings. Those murders prompt a wave of anti-Semitic hysteria in the town. In his investigation Szacki must wrestle with the painful tangle of Polish – Jewish relations and real findings of his work – that roots of some legends are fantasy, not a grain of truth.