A Simple Story About Murder

Prosta historia o morderstwie, 2016, 110 min.

A Simple Story About Murder (2016)


Director   Arkadiusz Jakubik
Screenplay   Arkadiusz Jakubik,
Igor Brejdygant
Grzegorz Stefanski
Cinematography   Witold Plociennik
Music   Bartosz Chajdecki
Art Direction   Joanna Macha
Producer   Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
Jacek’s Father   Andrzej Chyra
Jacek   Filip Plawiak
Jacek’s Mother   Kinga Preis
Iza, Jacek’s Girflriend   Anna Smolowik
Pawel, Jacek’s Brother   Przemyslaw Strojkowski
Krystian, Jacek’s Brother   Mateusz Wieclawek

Jacek is a young policeman who tries to protect his mother and brothers from their despot father, also a policeman with illegal business dealings. When the father is murdered, Jacek becomes the main suspect. While trying to prove his innocence, he discovers, to his horror, that he is becoming more and more like his father.