A Sky without Stars

Niebo bez gwiazd, 2018, 52 min.

A Sky without Stars (2018)

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Director Katarzyna Dabkowska-Kulacz
Screenplay Katarzyna Dabkowska-Kulacz
Cinematography Grzegorz Hartfiel, Piotr Chodura, Katarzyna Dabkowska-Kulacz, Michal  Rytel-Przelomiec, Jakub Stolecki
Music Hubert Kulacz
Producer Krzysztof Lang, Renata Lukasik
It is the moving story of the love between a father suffering from a disease which means he has only a few percent of his eyesight left, and will possibly lose his sight altogether, and his seven-year-old son, who with time is able to help him more and more and become his guide – and his eyes. What his son sees for the first time, his father is most likely seeing for the last time. Their unique relationship can be described by paraphrasing the well-known saying: love is invisible to the eye.