A World That Flew Away on the Back of a Cow

Świat, który uleciał na grzbiecie krowy, 2018, 7 min.

A World That Flew Away on the Back of a Cow (2018)

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Baltic Independent Film Festival
3rd Prize

International Animated Film Festival Animator
Special Mention


Director Wojciech A. Hoffmann
Screenplay Wojciech A. Hoffmann
Animation Wojciech A. Hoffmann
Music Michal Jacaszek
Producers Ewa Jastrzebska, Jerzy Kapuscinski
In an asphalt-colored world, cars hurtle through a village. Granny and Gramps live a life weathered by exhaust fumes. Gramps has a cow. Drinking dirty water and breathing in the fumes makes her colossal. Maybe, in her giganticness, she can transform the tiny community’s fate.