Absolute Beginner

Aleja Gowniarzy, 2007, 87 min.

Absolute Beginner
Director Piotr Szczepanski
Screenplay Piotr Szczepanski
Cinematography Piotr Szczepanski
Music Cool Kids Of Death,
L. Stadt,
O. S. T. R.
Art Direction Paulina Polom
Producer(s) Anna Pachnicka,
Piotr Dzieciol
Kasia Ewa Lukasiewicz
Marcin Marcin Brzozowski
Agata Matylda Paszczenko
Radek Wojciech Mecwaldowsk
Jan Marcel Wieruchowski

An urban road movie, whose action takes place during a single weekend night in £ód¼, between 7:19 p.m. and 5:23 a.m. These last hours before Marcin leaves his city for good turn out to be a quest for a lost mobile phone. Meanwhile, he realizes that what he is really looking for is his ex-girlfriend, Kasia.