Across the Line

Za strefą, 2010, 4 min. and 30 sec.

Across the Line (2010)


Director Marcin Kaminski, Arkadiusz Zylka
Screenplay Marcin Kaminski, Arkadiusz Zylka
Cinematography Arkadiusz Zylka
Music Szymon Mrozowski
Ewa Sonnenburg, Jakub Mroz, Lukas Lazarczyk, Sylwester Wojciechowski

A young man is being chased down by eastern border patrol. Running from the patrol he finds himself hiding in an old trailer in a gravel-pit kept by a 50 year-old degenerate woman. At first it seems this is an act of kindness, it soon turns into a real tragedy. The man stands before a choice that tears him apart, either being captured by the border patrol or being sexually assaulted by a woman who is trying to blackmail him.