After the Gulag

Apres le Goulag, 2004, 53 min.

After the Gulag (2004)


Director Daniel Kunzi
Screenplay Daniel Kunzi
Cinematography Julian Schmid
Music Marina, Hector, Daniel Kunzi
Narrator Jean-Claude Dauphin


This is the story of Mieczyslaw Falkowski born in Poland in 1921 who had to begin his life all over again in Geneva. Like all Poles, he was deeply marked by the second World War. Captured by the occupying Red Army, he was sent to a camp in the northern USSR Goulag. Later, by a quirk of fate and so as to return home, he joined the Polish Army that was fighting alongside the Soviet troops to liberate Poland.

In 2003, Mieczylaw Falkowski came back in Russia, in Komi Republic, near of North Pole where he was in a camp, a region rich of petrole. He meet few old prisoners and dicover the difficulties of the people of this cold region.