Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland


Czech Lion
Best Director for “Burning Bush”

Gdynia Film Festival
Best Director Award for “In Darkness

Nominated for the 84th Academy Awards in Foreign Language Film Category
for “In Darkness

San Sebastian International Film Festival
Nominated for Golden Seashell at the for “Total Eclipse”

Nominated for BAFTA Film Award for Best Film not in the English Language
for “Europa Europa”

International Award: The Women in Film Crystal Award

Gdynia Polish Film Festival
Special Jury Prize  for “Lonely Woman” (Kobieta Samotna)

Nominated for Independent Spirit Award
for Best Screenplay for “Anna”

Montreal World Film Festival
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury for “Bittere Ernte”

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Golden Lion for “Fever” (Gorączka)

Berlin International Film Festival
Nominated for Golden Bear for “Fever” (Gorączka)


Internationally acclaimed filmmaker whose harshly realistic but sensitively handled dramas-many based on real-life events – have won her a growing audience in the United States. She studied filmmaking in Prague during the late 1960s. After co directing her first feature, Screen Tests (1977), she began a fruitful relationship with famed Polish director Andrzej Wajda, writing the screenplay for Without Anesthesia (1979). She gained notoriety as part of the Polish New Wave. After martial law was declared in Poland, she moved to Paris.

In 1981 at the Polish Film Festival in Gdansk she won the Golden Lion for Fever (Gorączka) and in 1988 Special Jury prize for A Lonely Woman (Kobieta samotna). For Angry Harvest Holland received an Oscar® nomination for Best Foreign Language Film Category in 1986 and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – Special Mention in 1985 at the Montreal World Film Festival. For Europa, Europa in 1992 she won the Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

She then tackled a mainstream project, for executive producer Francis Ford Coppola, directing a handsome remake of The Secret Garden (1993). In 1995 she was nominated to the Golden Seashell for Total Eclipse at the San Sebastian IFF. In 1988 received the Women in Film Crystal Award. Member of the European Film Academy.

Filmography - Director
2017 Spoor (Pokot)
– Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize at thr 2017 Berlin International Film Festival
2013 Burning Bush (Gorejący krzew)
– 2014 Czech Lions: Best Film, Best Director for Agnieszka Holland, Best Cinematography for Martin Strba, Best Screenplay for Stepan Hulik, Best Music, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Directions for Milan Bycek, Best Editing for Pavel Hrdlicka, Best Costumes for Katarina Holla, Best Make-up for Zdenek Klika, Best Sound for Marek Hart & Petr Cechak;
– 2014 Hong Kong International Film Festival – SIGNIS Award for Agnieszka Holland;
– 2013 Monte-Carlo TV Festival – Outstanding Actor for Ivan Trojan;
– 2013 Camerimade – Golden Frog for Martin Strba
2011 In Darkness (W ciemności)
– 2012 Gdynia Film Festival – Golden Lions; Best Director for Agnieszka Holland; Best Cinematography for Jolanta Dylewska; Best Actress for Agnieszka Grochowska; Best Actor for Robert Wieckiewicz; Best Art Director for Erwin Prib, Katarzyna Sobanska & Marcel Slawinski; Best Costiums for Katarzyna Lewinska & Jagna Janicka; Best Editing for Michal Czarnecki; Best Make-up for Janusz Kaleja;
– 2012 Polish Eagle (Orly) Award – Best Actor for Robert Wieckiewicz, Best Supporting Role for Kinga Preis, Best Cinematography for Jolanta Dylewska.
– 2012 Nominated for the 84th Academy Awards in Foreign Language Film Category;
– 2011 Camerimage – Golden Frog for Jolanta Dylewska;
– 2011 Stella Artois St. Louis International Film Festival – Best Fest Audience Choice Award for the Best Narrative Feature;
– 2011 Mar Del Plata Internationa Film Festival, Argentina – Cinecolor Audience Award;
– 2011 Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain – Best Director Award for Agnieszka Holland
2009 Janosik. The True Story
2006 Copying Beethoven
A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story
2001 Shot in The Heart
Golden Dreams; Julia Walking Home
1999 The Third Miracle
1997 Washington Square
1995 Total Eclipse (Rimbaud Verlaine)
1993 The Secret Garden
Fallen Angels (TV)
1992 Olivier, Olivier
1990 Europe Europe (Hitlerjunge Salomon)
Largo Desolto (TV)
1988 To Kill a Priest (Zabić księdza)
1985 Angry Harvest (Bittere Ernte)
Culture (Kultura)
1982 Les Cartes Postales do Paris (TV)
1981 Lonely Woman (Kobieta samotna)
Fever (Gorączka)
1980 Provincial Actors (Aktorzy prowincjonalni)
1977 Screen Test (Zdjęcia próbne)
Sunday Children (Niedzielne dzieci)
Something for Something (Coś za coś)
1975 Evening at Abdon (Wieczór u Abdona)
Picture from Life (Obrazki z życia)
1973 The Conspir
Filmography - Writer
2001 Julia Walking Home
1994 Three Colors – Blue (Trzy kolory: niebieski)
1992 Olivier, Olivier
1990 Korczak
Europe Europe (Hitlerjunge Salomon)
1988 The Possessed (Les Possedes)
To Kill a Priest (Zabić księdza)
The Girlfriend (La Amiga)
1987 Anna
1985 Angry Harvest (Bittere Ernte)
1983 Love in Germany (Liebe in Deutschland)
1982 Danton
1981 A Woman Alone
Man Unnecessary (Mężczyzna niepotrzebny)
A Lonely Woman (Kobieta samotna)
1980 Provincial Actors (Aktorzy prowincjonalni)
1979 Without Anesthesia (Bez znieczulenia)
1977 Screen Test (Zdjęcia próbne)
Sunday Children (Niedzielne dzieci)
1975 Evening at Abdon (Wieczór u Abdona)