Alice and the Frog

Alicja i żabka, 2020, 27 min.


Director Olga Boladz
Screenplay Olga Boladz, Magdalena Lamparska, Julita Olszewska, Jowita Radzińska
Cinematography Piotr Niemyjski
Misic Mikolaj Dobber, Jan Krolikowski
Art Director Jagna Dobesz
Producers Jerzy Kapuscinski, Ewa Jastrzebska


Alaicja Raczynska Julia Kuzak
Alicja’s Mother Agnieszka Suchora
Tomek Grzegorz Prasalski
Doctor Jan Frycz
Tamar Magdalena Boczarska
Tamer Janusz Chabior
Tamer Lukasz Simlat


A story of fast growing up, which Alice – the main character does not want to decide on. It is a story about how the problem cuts you off from reality, because it is so hard that it is unreal. Together with the protagonist, we move into a fantasy world where it is beautiful and scary. As in a fairy tale, it is full of symbols and hidden meanings. But this is the only place where Alice deals with the problem in her own way. It’s about abortion – a difficult topic for which there is no one answer, and probably none is right. It all depends on the man and his decisions. But can it be independent?