All Will Be Well

Wszystko będzie dobrze, 2007, 98 min.

All Will Be Well


Festoria International Film Festival in Portugal
Best Actor, Silver Dolphin for Robert Wieckiewicz

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Award for Best Directing for Tomasz Wiszniewski,
Best Actor Award for Robert Wieckiewicz,
Best Music Award for Michal Lorenc.


Director Tomasz Wiszniewski
Screenplay Robert Brutter,
Rafal Szamburski,
Tomasz Wiszniewski
Cinematography Jaroslaw Szoda
Music Michal Lorenc
Art Direction Andrzej Kowalczyk
Producer(s) Juliusz Machulski


Andrzej Robert Wieckiewicz
Pawelek Adam Werstak
Mother Izabela Dabrowska
Piotr Daniel Makolski
Anna Beata Kawka
The fundamental questions: about faith in God, the absolute, Providence, the ones that lead or do not lead us through life, which we try to avoid, although it is impossible, those which we want to comprehend though they defy understanding. These are the dilemmas the two leads have to grapple with. One is a 12-year-old boy, whose faith is put to such an ultimate test that he will finally have to renounce it. The other is a 35-year-old man, who, without consciously realizing it, wants to get closer to God, although an open admission of it would seem a sign of weakness to him. What they both share love for sport. The boy is a rare long-distance talent, the man, an alcoholic physical education teacher in a grade school, who has discovered that talent. They both live in a small town in Pomerania. They both, for entirely different reasons, will go on a pilgrimage to the holiest shrine of the Black Madonna in Poland in the town of Czestochowa. Getting there will be a test of their characters, only to finally find a higher sense of their endeavors.