Endrju, 2014, 40 min.

Andrew (2014)


Directors Tomasz Blachnicki, Robert N. Wachowiak
Screenplay Tomasz Blachnicki, Robert N. Wachowiak
Cinematography Marek Gajczak
Producer Jacek Kulczycki


Himself Andrzej Golota

Andrew is a story on an athlete who cannot come to terms with his own weaknesses and the prospect of leaving the ring forever. Spectacular victories and defeats in the fights for the world heavyweight champion title come back to his mind like a mantra. The film shows his loneliness in the brutal world of the media and professional boxing. Only his wife Mariola, despite the dramatic experiences related to her husband’s sports career faithfully accompanies him in every important moment of his life.

Community collaborator: City of Angels Boxing