Andrzej Maleszka

Andrzej Maleszka
Born in 1955. Director of over twenty films & TV series.  Author of numerous screenplays & children’s novels.. His films are considered a most original phenomenon of the European family cinema. They create a unique combination of magic and realism and show the world from the child’s perspective.
The winner of the International Emmy Award in the category: Children & Young People for the series The Magic Tree TV series, as well as of numerous awards at film festivals (incl. Chicago, New York, Munich, Cairo, etc).
2009 The Magic Tree (Magiczne drzewo)
– 2009 Chicago International Film Festival – Rights of the Child Award;
– Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2009 – Best Art Director Award for Elwira Pluta
2004 The Wooden Dog
– Chicago IFF, 2004 – Children’s Jury Award – Certificate of Merit
The Magic Tree (Magiczne drzewo) (TV Series)
2000 End of the World at the Nowaks (Koniec świata u Nowaków)
1998 One Hundred Minutes of Holidays (Sto minut wakacji)
1995 The Machine of Changes (Maszyna zmian)
1993 Jakub