Aria Diva

2007, 30 min.

Aria Diva (2007)


Director Agnieszka Smoczynska
Screenplay Agnieszka Smoczynska (baked on novel by Olga Tokarczuk)
Cinematography Przemyslaw Kaminski
Art Direction Aneta Suskiewicz
Producer(s) Anna Wydra
Opera Diva Katarzyna Figura
Basia Gabriela Muskala
Opera Voice Ewa Podles


Basia (30) has already settled down in her life. She is a housewife and has a loving family. It seems as though she has everything she needs to be happy. That is until the moment when an opera diva moves into the apartment upstairs. Basia is both enchanted and seduced by her voice. A peculiar relationship is born and develops between them. It gradually develops into a feeling which is not particularly comfortable for either of the two women.