2015, 19 min.

Artworkers (2015)

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Director Andrzej Jachimczyk
Screenplay Andrzej Jachimczyk
Cinematography Eben Bull, Alex Zamora Reynaud
Producer Ola Maslik
Narrator Meg Gibson
The Ex Teresa Arte Actual is a museum for the performance and installation arts in Mexico City. The museum is housed in a former church of Santa Teresa la Antigua, which in turn stands on yet another sanctuary, the ruins of the Templo Mayor of the Aztec city Tenochtitlan. The Ex Teresa, in its goals as an art institution, continues the tradition of its predecessors, providing a sublime means of reaching beyond the construct of reality by way of art shows. As a very prolific art space – a transfiguration machine in the mysterious and relentless attempts to uncover the spirit of the world – in order to accomplish its annual task of numerous exhibitions, the Ex Teresa employs many art professionals, including its essential employees, the art workers.
The art industry regards the art workers as a noncreative, mindless assembly-line workforce, excluded from the process of artistic creativity. As a result of this attitude, they cannot claim any authorship concerning their contribution to the production of art. Artworkers explores the process of art making. It focuses on creative teamwork and artistic responsibility by defying the myth of the lone artist as the only creator. It emphasizes the Sisyphean process of art creation instead of contemplating its final product, a work of art.