2017, 10 min. and 24 sec.

Badylok (2017)

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Wegiel International Student Film Festival, Poland
Best Director in the Short Film Competition


Director Karolina Klapkowska
Screenplay Karolina Klapkowska
Cinematography Karolina Klapkowska
Art Director Katarzyna Nowak, Magdalena Szucio
Music Composer Konstantin Trokai
Producer Adriana Fiszer, Grzegorz Kusto


Badylok Tymon Harlender
Badylok (voice) Dariusz Chojnacki
Grandmother Stanislawa Lopuszanska
Arletka Lena Bistula
Mother Beata Czornik


Badylok is a sixteen-year-old boy who shares his life with his mother, grandmother, and sister. They live in a house isolated by water from the rest of the world. Badylok secretly creates a fly-ing machine that will help him to flee the house. Will he finally decide to rise into the air? Short student film. The narrative voice in the film speaks in the characteristic Upper Silesian dialect. This dialect is also reflected in the English subtitles.