Big Tony’s Ballet

2020, 30 min.
Big Tony’s Ballet

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Director Dan Rutkowski
Screenplay Dan Rutkowski, Patrick Rutkowski, Joe Hedary, Matthew Kocher
Cinematography Max Gleiser
Music Mark A Hull
Art Director Ben Wang
Producers Junrui Hoing, Steven Uribe, Kayla Work


Big Tony Charley Rossman
Lil Tony Brian Lanni
Darlene Keri Marrone
Irene Stacy Marie Turner
Floyd Edward Padilla
God Shelly Desai
Bobby Jude Moran


Set in the 1950s, a recently divorced ex-mobster, Big Tony, begins noticing his 7-year-old son’s inclination towards ballet. In a community where such things are ridiculed and shunned, Big Tony is forced down an existentialistic spiral towards truth, justice, love, and understanding.