Jezioro Bodeńskie, 1985

Bodensee (1985)



IFF Locarno
Golden Leopard


Director Janusz Zaorski
Screenplay Janusz Zaorski based on the novel by Stanislaw Dygat
Cinematography Witold Adamek
Music Jerzy Satanowski
Art Direction Allan Starski
Hero Krzysztof Pieczynski
Suzanne Malgorzata Pieczynska
Janka Joanna Szczepkowska
Reneé Maria Pakulnis
Roullot Gustaw Holoubek
Thompson Andrzej Szczepkowski
The action of the film takes place in two time planes. The principal character, comes back after many years to the site of his wartime internment – Petershausenschuls on Bodensee. The young man lives through an incessant drama of imagination, imposed upon him by literary reminiscences. Flirting with the young French girl, Susanne, he shapes himself as a romantic artist, suffering on behalf of his martyr zed homeland, he identifies himself with Polish national classics. He dreams of an escape, of a great materialization of the patriotic duty – and he sighs with relief when he learns that a real escape is impossible. This element of the game, mask, of perhaps Gombrowicz – stale “countenance”, is extremely essential for understanding the gist of the film.

The entire film “Bodensee” has been constructed on the basis of consecutively presented; various roles consecutively removed masks. Under one mask there appears another one. The quintessence of “Bodensee” is the principal character’s question, “just who can be blamed for who you are?”