Born of the Sea

Miasto z morza, 2009, 112 min.

Born of the Sea (2009)

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Director Andrzej Kotkowski
Screenplay Andrzej Kotkowski
Cinematography Adam Bajerski
Music Tomasz Gassowski
Art Director Jacek Osadowski
Producer Krzysztof Balajewicz, Andrzej Baworowski
Krzysztof Grabien Jakub Strzelecki
Lucka Konka Julia Pietrucha
Wolodia Jazowiecki Pawel Domagala
Mrs. Helena Malgorzata Foremniak
Agustyn Konka, Lucka’ Father Marian Dziedziel
Engineer Wenda Olgierd Lukaszewicz
Lebrac Piotr Polk
Bernard Konka, Lucka’s Oncel Zbigniew Jankowski
From 1923-1926, just a few years after Poland regained its independence, impressive investments were completed thanks to the efforts of the Polish Government, and it’s engineers and workers. Within three years, a new town and harbour were built in Gdynia. This is a tale about work, friendship and love, about hopes and failures. The main character, Krzysztof Grabien, arrives from the interior of the country together with his friend Wolodia Jazowiecki, to participate in the construction of the Gdynia harbour. Here he meets a Kashubian girl, Łucka Konka…