Broadcast Rehearsal

Próba mikrofonu, 2006, 15 min.

Broadcast Rehearsal (2006)


Director Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Screenplay Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Cinematography Agnieszka Kot
Music Vlad Kuryluk
Art Director Anna Zabdyrska, Aleksandra Swierk
Producer Joanna Szymanska, Tomasz Kozera
Pawel Tomaszewski
Olga Boladz
Ewelina Starejki
This film tells a story of how far dreams and reality can diverge. 20 year-old Adam lives in a dream world – he imagines himself to be a famous poet – known, recognized and adored. In real life he works at a train station in the middle of nowhere… What is more, he loves Misia, a girl who is not even aware of his existence…