But She’s Nice

2014, 6 min.

But She's Nice (2014)


The Doors International Film Festival, Gliwice
Gold Frame in  Animation Category


Director Tomasz Pilarski
Screenplay Tomasz Pilarski
Animation Tomasz Pilarski
Music Damian Czajka
Producer Tomasz Pilarski

In a world full of gray where life flows peacefully and monotonously, light is gently drawing a story about unexpectedly sprouting feeling. However, sometimes the thought of being with someone can be dangerous if you are stuck too long in solitude. Will the protagonist manage to get out from his thick crust, which was created in fear of the society? What role in all of this play Shadow? “But She’s Nice …” is the story of the attempt to break out of the cage of loneliness, a desire to overcome yourself to be able to open up to new possibilities, world and feelings.