Butterfly Kisses

2017, 89 min.
Butterfly Kisses (2017)

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Director Rafael Kapelinski
Screenplay Green Taylor Ellison
Cinematography Nick Cooke
Music Nathan Klein
Production Design Fleur Whitlock
Producer Merlin Merton


Jake Theo Stevenson
Kyle Liam Whiting
Jarred Byron Lyons
Zara Rosie Day
Shrek Thomas Turgoose
Lilly Honor Kneafsey
Christina Sadie Thwaites
Amy Charlotte Beaumont


Jake and his friends Kyle and Jarred pass their time hanging out in the courtyards of their high-rise development or in pool halls, talking about girls, watching porn and getting drunk. Jake is burdened by a dark secret that distances him more and more from the others and drives him into dangerous isolation. Rafael Kapelinski stages his debut film in contrasting black and white, moving in respectful proximity to his characters, brought to life vividly here by an ensemble cast of new discoveries and young talents.