Call Me Tony

2017, 63 min.

Call Me Tony (2017)


Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival
ARRI IDFA Award in Student Film Category 


Director Klaudiusz Chrostowski
Screenplay Klaudiusz Chrostowski
Cinematography Michal Luka
Music Wojciech Frycz, Mateusz Hulboj
Producers Michal Lika, Klaudiusz Chrostowski
Konrad Serwatko
Konrad (18) lives in a small mining town in southern Poland. He looks up to his favorite action movie heroes, spends hours in the gym and signs up for a body building competition. His life changes after he revisits his childhood passion for acting. Will he find his own way? Call Me Tony is a coming of age story about the time when the whole world expects us to have answers but all we have is questions.