Kemping, 2014, 20 min.

Camping (2014)


Director Krzysztof Jankowski
Screenplay Krzysztof Jankowski, Marcin Cygal
Cinematography Marcin Czajkowski
Music Andrzej Izdebski
Art Director Katarzyna Kobylarz
Producers Carlos Puertolas, Ilona Sebastianska, Roberto Jimenes, Krzysztof Jankowski, Marcin Cygal
Alicja’s Father Krzysztof Globisz
Alicja Olga Sarzynska
Arek Mateusz Lawrynowicz
Alicja’s Mother Agnieszka Wosinska
Filip Arkadiusz Smolenski
Kyut Lude Reno
Alice, daughter of a conservative and hot-tempered father, returns home from the Netherlands where she had previously migrated for work. She wants to enjoy a few days off in the company of her family. However, this time camping holidays are designed not only to relax. Father and Mother of Alice make an attempt to marry her off with a local businessman Arek, “the ideal son in law.” They have no idea that the girl already has her own plans for life. It turns out that her father does not easily give up, which leads to a funny confrontation.