Carte Blanche

2015, 106 min.

Carte Blanche (2015)

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Mostra San Paulo Intenational Film Festival
Honorable Mention

Shanghai International Film Festival
Jury Grand Prix


Director Jacek Lusinski
Screenplay Jacek Lusinski
Cinematography Witold Plociennik
Music Pawel Lucewicz
Art Direction Marek Zawierucha
Producer(s) Leszek Bodzak
Kacper Andrzej Chyra
Ewa Urszula Grabowska
Wiktor, Kacper’s Friend Arkadiusz Jakubik
Klara Eliza Rycemble
Madejski Tomasz Zietak
Principal Dorota Kolka
Hospital Attendant Andrzej Blumenfeld
Kacper’s Mother Maria Chwalibog
Professor Wojciech Pszoniak
A popular high school teacher learns that he is losing his sight. In order to keep his job and not wanting to disappoint his students, he decides to keep his condition unknown to everyone except for his best friend. Inspired by a true story.