Zbliżenia, 2014, 76 min.

Close-Ups (2014)

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Director Magdalena Piekorz
Screenplay Magdalena Piekorz, Wojciech Kuczok
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music Adrian Konarski
Production Designers Marcel Slawinski, Katarzyna Sobanska
Producer(s) Krzysztof Zanussi
Marta’s Mother Ewa Wisniewski
Marta Joanna Orleanski
Jacek Lukasz Simlat
Andrzej Milewski Andrzej Seweryn
Professor Hnryk Talar
Marta’s Aunt Malgorzata Niemirska
Marta is an attractive young sculptor who is emotionally dependent on her overbearing mother. She calls her daughter every day and constantly controls her life in every aspect, trying not to let her go out into the world. When Marta finally gets married and wants to have a baby, her mother desperately wants to keep Marta’s love only for her.